Free Riders

Gulls are reknown for amusing antics, hitching a free ride on a slow moving vehicle is not that unusual in towns where gulls are common.


What is that gull saying?

So, it seems that Gull-Speak is not hard to learn. These fascinating birds really mean what they say. In a few weeks time they will regale us with a chorus of encouragement as their young…


Sleepless in Dunbar

A Gull Enjoys the Rain of the Summer Season

It is that time of the year again and it is not the riotous behaviour on the High Street that keeps us awake. Rather it’s the constant calling and territoral antics of our avian neighbours.…

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Breeding evidence

These are the BTO breeding codes. We’re focused on confirmed breeding and the codes highlighted below. Young and adult birds on the nest or young that have recently fledged and hanging out around the nest,…


Larus! Don’t stand so close to me!

Due to Avian Influenza birds can’t be handled, not even baby birds that have fallen from their nests. Please follow RSPCA bird flu and baby bird advice to check which species can be handled and…