Sleepless in Dunbar

A Gull Enjoys the Rain of the Summer Season

It is that time of the year again and it is not the riotous behaviour on the High Street that keeps us awake. Rather it’s the constant calling and territoral antics of our avian neighbours. The adult Herring Gulls and their young keep us awake. We have around 10 nests nearby, which means a population of 40-80 to regale us with Gull Speak (there’s at least as many non nesting hangers on, hence the dubious math).

Like most years we are now baby sitting one their young. He or she is called Sketch. Charming, even cute. And if it wasn’t for all the extra guano, the thought some feral cat might have a go, and the possibility of a direct attack from a parent or one of the diligent guards of the family group, it would all be vaguely tolerable. Except this is not a great habitat for them.

Our backland is reasonably safe and the space is a bit wild, full of interest. But the other nursery grounds around the town are less so, car parks and drives, roads and concrete, asphalt roofing. The young have few places to explore or much to do (they can play with litter and pizza discards) take cover only under the wheel arch of a car or just sit atop of car to take in the summer rain.

Anyway a sleepless night earlier this week I created this site to gather our observations.

If you have a family group or 2 near you, feel free to add yours to the map.

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A Dunbar based project without public funding. Made with flotsam and jetsam. If interested in the ecology of gulls, feel free to reach out and help improve local knowledge. Nota Bene: do not disturb gulls esp. during nesting or while bringing up their young. All gulls are protected by law. Gulls can be aggressive if the young are threatened. Don't take risks enumerating nest sites and chicks. Don't feed or play with gulls.